Friday, April 9, 2010


Things that make me smile in the morning...

Ken - "Bye, I'm going!" (He's walking to work a bit earlier)

Kids - "Wait, Daddy, wait!" (kids run to smother him with hugs and kisses)

Mom - "Okay, guys, it's not like you're not going to see him soon - you all go to the same school!" (ever the pragmatic one)

Brenna (the oldest child, and even more pragmatic than me, responds dryly) - "yah, but he might get trampled by a moose."

Will and Jay - "Yah!"

Hmmm. Too funny. Life in Haines Junction, Yukon.

Like the time a friend and I were stepping out for a few minutes, leaving the kids on their own, and she looks at them and asks them what they need to remember while we're gone.  I know the answer of course and quickly remind them not to open the door to strangers.  My girlfriend looks at me quizzically and snickers.  "No, don't run with food in your mouth."  Me, city girl, afraid of strangers - her, town girl, knows everyone around here and is more afraid of them choking!

On another tangent... I finished another piece of art.  I like the flowers and pot but am undecided about the background.  It looks more mosiac than I was going for.  I'm happiest with the pot.  It's made out of a page from out of an old hymn book I picked up at the, you guessed it, Sally Ann.  It's the hymn "In the Garden" and if you look closely enough you can see the words of the chorus are arranged in a way that you can still read it.

Most of my ideas and my freedom to try to do art come from a wonderful friend named Karla.  The tree in the last post was inspired by her, as well as this piece.  Her use of collage and mod podge made me want to try my hand at it.  She's also a great encourager!  Someday she'll have a blog of her own and you'll just LOVE it.  In lots of ways although I'm a Jesus "wannabe", I'm also a Karla "wannabe". 


Thank you for the gift of playing with paper, mod podge, and fanciful ideas and thank you for people who inspire others by their gift of playing with paper, mod podge, and fanciful ideas.  I love you.

'til next time,


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