Tuesday, April 13, 2010


So you and I both know that my kids are amazing.  Amazingly wonderful and sometimes even amazingly horrible.  But all in all the tally works in their favour and they get the privilege of living another day with the crazy, off beat lady they call "Mom".

Many times they pull themselves back from the edge of doom with a stunning act of redemption that leaves them not fearing the edge for at least a while.  My Will has done just that today.  Of all my kids, Will fears the edge the least, tightrope walks along it, and bungee jumps off it once in a while.  He is outstanding in his defiance but spectacular in his redemptive qualities.

Today he walks in at lunch time with a sweet grin on his face, eager to show me what he's done.  His teacher has given him a new scribbler.  He loves getting a new notebook.  The fresh, clean page lays before him with endless possibilities.  And this is the poem he wrote... (remember, this kid is eight years old)

And if you can't make it out... here it is...

It all starts with the increasing of friendship, the patterns
of love, and the care people have for
each other.


W. Symanski

Am I the only one impressed?  I don't think so!  I must admit that I read the "REMEMBER THIS" a couple ways.  First, I think it means that we're supposed to remember the truth of what he's written.  Absolutely.  But then I think it may just be a message to me to remember this little poem and what a wonderful writer he is when I am threatening to wring his scrawny little neck!  Either way I think it's just brilliant.

And then there is our Jay.  Remember the one who refused to go over the alphabet with me last summer as we were trying to prepare him for Grade One?  I just received my first love note from him.  Delicious!

So both boys obviously know how to work their Momma. 

And Brenna is right in there, being amazing and wonderful.  Last night she made me a wonderful cup of hot lemon and honey to sooth my sore throat (I have a cold). She is a wonderful mix of sweet and funny.  She loves to play a good practical joke and so April Fool's Day was right up her alley!  And it lasted for three days! For example

  •  - corn syrup in the shampoo bottle

  •  - taping the kitchen sprayer down so that when I turned the faucet on I got soaked (she got both Ken and I with that one!)

  •  - swapped out the sugar in the sugar bowl for salt so when Jay put a teaspoon of it on his rice krispies he got a big surprise!

I know I've forgotten some but the best one of all is one some of you male readers might not want to read so feel free to skip the part between the asterisks!


After school Brenna called frantically from the bathroom for me.  When I entered she looked stricken and showed me her underwear.  There were the tell-tale signs of a girl's first period. I didn't believe her of course, it being April Fool's and all.  But she was REALLY convincing.  REALLY.  I was totally on the fence and had to do what I least wanted to do.  I asked for her underwear to examine more closely and thankfully figured out quite quickly that it was ketchup!  Oh my!  The best part is when she did it to Ken later on that evening.  Poor Ken.  He kept calling me to deal with it.  Rather panicked I must say.  She could have kept him going for a while but I am obviously not as good an actor!  The gig was up and a good laugh was had by all!


There.  Stories done.  Hope you all had a grin.


How clever you make each one of us.  So unique and fresh and complex.  You are a wonder.

'til next time,



  1. Oh you know how I love the symanski shenanigans! My favorite line from BB's poem is "the patterns of love". My, how I miss that guy. AND Brenna! If I could have been around to hear Ken calling for reinforcements from the bathroom during her "period debacle" I would have laughed at Ken like I've never laughed before. In fact, I'm laughing at that poor guy right now! She is her father AND mother's daughter all right.

  2. WOW!!! How cool is that!!! We are deeply entrenched in the "Why?" and "NO!!" stage...so most of the time any notions of love notes seems to distant to ever be a possibility. Then on the heal of a strong "Mum, don't..." tonight, I got the world's biggest hug. This parenting thing really is a rollercoaster ride!
    Cheers...& thanks for the smile :)

  3. Wow.
    (And that applies to several things in your post.)

  4. Karla - hearing your voice the other night was "oh-so-tasty". You are the Symanskis greatest cheerleader.

    "Mum" - those hugs sustain us through the toughest job we'll ever do. And they keep those little rascals alive!

    Ken - When I watch Will I'm often reminded of the stories you've told of youself as a little guy in your "happy place", typing or writing away at your desk. He's that kinda kid. Fascinating and off beat...

  5. My neice and nephews are amazing I must say... so glad their "mine".

    Always love your posts honey! and thanks for the call the other day. On my way to Vancouver this morning... Halifax on Saturday. HUGS!

  6. Hi Every one! Sorry it took me SO LONG to hook up to you! I've been reading in Total AMAZEMENT all of your adventures, and can't wait for the next blog!(I'm still new at this computer thing so it takes me awhile to figure things out!)Anyway, I'm VERY Proud that you're all MY Family, and having the time of your lives up there! Please make sure my brother doesn't get eaten by any bears, and GREAT BIG HUGS To YOU All!!
    Unka Rob
    ps- you should really check your e-mail(if it's still in use!)