Thursday, April 8, 2010

gasp... must blog... can't go any further... gasp...

ahhhh.... much better. That was a close one!

Okay, enough drama. On with the show/post.

Easter has come and gone. They have a four day weekend here as the school gets Easter Monday off too.  This followed two weeks of school after a two week spring break so we are seriously relaxed people!

We had the privilege of hosting Easter Dinner here for the fam' which turned out fine as everyone pitched in.  It's a real treat to be with my sisters and their families for holidays (my parents are away on vacation for a month).  I did panic, however, the days before they arrived as the walls of our home were bare, white and BORING!  I always have art ideas that I never get to, but this gave me the motivation!

Here's what I came up with... keep in mind I didn't want to spend any money so I used whatever I had on hand here.

First I spray painted black an old frame that I had from the Sally Ann.  Then I messed about with some Mod Podge, newspaper, magazines and pipe cleaners and came up with a tree...

The little tag says "HOME".  I like how it fills the wall and has dimension. I've had some nice comments on it so I'm encouraged (I'm a little insecure about my atrt ability). But then there's my other wall...

I get such a kick out of this piece!  I love the way it looks and it makes me smile when I think of how easy it was and what it is made out of.  Any guesses?  Toilet paper rolls.  Really! Flattened and cut toilet paper rolls, glued together (held with paper clips until the glue dried) and then put up on the wall just a few hours later.  Cost - $0.00! Impact - priceless! (not a original idea - I got it from a blog called "homemade mamas")

So now I'm motivated to do some more stuff.  I'll post whatever I come up with as they get done. 

On a different note... the hours of daylight here now are crazy! I feel like a different person.  It's so energizing when you wake up and it's light and you go to bed and it's still light.  I checked today to see how many hours of daylight we were getting compared to Winnipeg and we are ahead by 1hr and 5min. minutes.  So although I know we'll get about another three to four weeks of winter than Winnipeg, all the glorious light makes up for it.  By the last day of school (June 11) we'll have 24 hours daylight!  We're going to have to put up something on the kids windows if I'm ever going to get them to sleep.


You are a poem.  I love you even when I don't understand you all the time.

'til next time,



  1. I TOTALLY love the "toilet roll" art....I will have to try that!! ~Mel~

  2. You know I love your art..... the tree is breath-taking. So simple - yet so significant. As for the tp rolls - love it! I actually did the same thing at Christmas this year - I made "snowflakes" with them and painted them white and hung them in the front windows with clear string. Even on the other side of the country, we still think alike, you and me! I should send you some good crafty websites I like to check.

  3. share the websites with all - ladies...we could all benefit and that would be soooo great...beautiful should be proud