Monday, February 7, 2011

A Twelve Year Old

My daughter is now twelve.  I remember twelve.  It was tumultuous.  I was tumultuous.  Hormones flip flopping everywhere.  And so it seems it may be so for my dear girl.  Oh dear, better fasten our seat belts!

And so Ken and I chat.  Chat about what is coming down the road for us.  Our little girl beginning the journey to womanhood.  He grimaces to hear me talk about his "little Boo" becoming a woman.  Reluctantly nods when I say we need to bless this process in her and not let on that we are doing so under some duress.  I look at him and say,

"We are not mature enough to deal with what's about to happen. So we'll just have to fake it." 

He doesn't miss a beat,

"As long as we have a plan."

And so we will continue to pretend to know what to do, lean heavily on each other and on other parents that have gone before us and have lived to tell the tale.  And we will trust this little one blossoming before us into the Father's hands.  At least He knows what He's doing.


She's really great.  But I guess you know that.  I love you.

'til next time,


1 comment:

  1. Yes, she is really great. I love that young WOMAN!

    And you're right - you're not mature enough to deal with this. Neither am I. I'm glad we're going to be bumping down the pot-hole filled road at the same time. It's gonna be quite the road trip!