Monday, February 21, 2011

A Simple Task

Okay, I have the dearest friend.  I mean the DEAREST.  I have never known anyone to not absolutely LOVE this lady.  Just spending time with her makes your heart happy. Her eyes disappear when she smiles but NOTHING can hide the gleam in them.  I remember her saying to me once in our teens that when she got old she wanted to be the kind of old lady that winked at people.  And I bet she will.  She'll be this irresistable old dear in the nursing home that all the nurses dote on and adore while they push me in the corner for time out because I'm such an old crank!

Now when this person asks me to post a pic of our new pup everything in me wants to do it.  You just don't have the heart to say no.  It's like kicking, well, a puppy!  And so here is my dilemma.

This is what goes into a "simple" task like downloading a picture.

"Where the hell is that camera anyways...",
"Ken, where's the camera?"
"Okay, then who had it last?  Fine, I'll just have to find it..."

Rummage, rummage, cuss, rummage
(find camera)

"Okay, now where the hell is that cord?"

Rummage, rummage, cuss, rummage
(find cord)

Turn on camera....

"oh crap, that's right Brenna dropped it and now the lens is all screwed up.  Rats.  That's okay, maybe I can download pics anyway."

Camera turns off...

"Crap.  Batteries are dead.  &*%$ !  Where the hell are those batteries?" 

Rummage, rummage, cuss, rummage
(find batteries)

Hook up camera - it says "establishing connection"
Hope begins to rise - it says "unable to connect to computer"
Hope is dashed

Wipe tears, try new pluggy innie place (techno gargon - sorry)

Beep! -"Welcome to Scanner and Camera" pops up on the screen.  There is a God!

Sort through 534 pictures because I don't know how to delete pictures once and for all

Find a few, "where the hell are the rest of them?  These will have to do.  Grrr."  Although he is pretty cute.

Mindy and her new little one

Charlie Chub Chubs - our little HavaShitz

And now, only now, can I go to bed because I have done what any decent person could do when they are asked to do something by THE NICEST PERSON IN THE WORLD. 

And yes, I know, it wasn't that hard.  It's just that the above scenerio seems to happen only about a gazillion times a day as I try to keep track of myself (no easy task) and four other people and all their stuff (permission forms, bills, emails, volunteer requests, paycheques).  No word of a lie, I have lost three paycheques in the last three months.  I always end up finding them but not before having a break down of some sort.  And I know I'm whining but I swear sometimes there's a little gnome that follows me around moving stuff just to watch me look for it and admire the fireworks as my brain cells explode in frustration.  I would banish thee little gnome... if I could find you.

So there it is.  Pictures for my dear friend and a mini rant on the side.  Good night.


I suck at keeping track of stuff and things.  Seriously.  I could use a little divine help here. (At least banish the gnome).  I love you.

'til next time,



  1. So coooooooooooooooooooot!


  2. I LOVE you! I can so hear you guys... lol! Your new little one is sooooooo cute!

  3. How'dya lose a pay check?!

    ps...cute pups :)

  4. I love catching up with very much!! That puppy is cute man!! And about the gnome and the worrying about losing the little stuff (paycheque not included), don't !!...worry about those things...let it go...embrace it...cause it's all good. You are good, your life is great....I love you !