Sunday, November 7, 2010

Seeing Winnipeg....

We were "in town" this past weekend.  "In town" means Whitehorse.  I've taken quite a generous amount of ribbing because I tend to say I'm going to "the city" when I'm heading into our territory's capital.  They snicker at me!  Intially I was a bit baffled as technically it is a city but eventually was set straight and was informed that going to "the city" around here means Vancouver or Edmonton.  Who knew?!

Going to Whitehorse isn't a big deal, only an hour and a half away and the road between us is in great condition.  A very scenic drive as I've mentioned in the past and even the kids don't mind it if we can catch "The Debaters" on CBC (as long as the topic is appropriate) or they can "plug in" into a DVD player.  The kids enjoy watching T.V. at the grandparents while we are there (we haven't got cable or satelite in the Junction by choice), playing with their cat and three dogs, going to the Canada Games Centre with the aunties and cousins for a swim and/or a skate.  Ken enjoys going to the music store and the high he gets from the smell of new musical instruments and all the paraphenilia that goes with it and I, well, I do the practical icky stuff like groceryshopping/clothesshopping/dogfoodshopping/blah,blah,blahshopping.  I do however reward myself with a ventisugarfreevanillalatte at Starbucks.  Mmmmmm.

And this time while dragging myself up to the jail like doors of Superzoo (aka Superstore) that promises to punish me with it's too narrow aisles and too wide carts and line ups that stretch into eternity and florescent lights that shine into my very soul and whisper "you'll never get out of here, you'll never be done, and the thing you most need you will forget to pick up... until the moment you've paid your bill!", well this time I saw someone who looked remarkably like someone I know in Winnipeg.  And as I continued through my shopping over and over I saw people who reminded me of folks in Winnipeg.  I don't know if it's that all Superstores are basically the same and so it evoked all this crazy familiarity but I must admit that by the time I left I was seeing Winnipeg everywhere and I was homesick!  No, not homesick, peoplesick.  I was missing faces that I've loved and appreciated for many years, I was missing the sweetness of community I experienced in Winnipeg.  It was truly bittersweet.  Bitter because I'm not there and sweet because I have such wonderful memories of the 'Peg.

Fast forward to this morning.  We're back in the Junction and getting up (after a lovely extra hour of sleep) to head over to the school for our version of "church".  This morning we're in the home ec room to make up two huge pots of soup for a fundraiser we're having for Haiti (don't get me started on the sorrow I feel for that nation!) this week at school.  Two of my dear friends here in the Junction are with us with their boys as well as a couple of other good friends of the kids.  We talk about Haiti for a bit altogether and then the work starts.  Some of the kids are having a hoot with the "slap chop" dicing up celery, some are crying as they peel onions, one is slicing his finger as he opens up tin cans, others are peeling garlic clove after garlic clove.  The moms are bustling here and there administering first aid, doing dishes, and generally trying to keep track of the mayhem.  And then we hit a lull where the jobs are done for the kids, and we stop, pray together for Haiti and for the soup to turn out PLEASE and then Ken takes the kids out to play while the moms finish up.  We chat and laugh and just enjoy each others company.

And then I'm reminded of my previous day in Whitehorse and the feelings swirling around in me.  And I'm grateful.  Grateful because as I looked around at the kids as we were discussing Haiti, I could see that we already have community here.  People we can play, work and pray together with.  And as we women had time together to finish up the soup and visit, I marvelled at these families who love my children and love us and feel like "family" already. 

And I am oh so thankful.   


Although I so appreciate and need the community you have provided - ultimately the community I crave is communion with you. Thank you that in you I am never alone.  I love you.

'til next time, 

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  1. I love seeing pictures of you guys posted on here! They always make me smile. Miss you guys, glad your enjoying your adventures!