Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Lotsa Fun!

Yikes!  I can't believe it's already been twelve days since I last posted! I could come up with all kinds of excuses and some of them might even be true but really who wants to hear a bunch of excuses!

Spring Break ROCKED!  Okay, yes, there were pockets of time that I longed for their teachers and wanted to run screaming into sunset where I am sure they keep all the patience I run out of, but all in all I really enjoyed being with Ken and the kids. 


... skiing a second time at Mt. Sima with family and friends
... tobogganning, tobogganning and more tobogganning
... going out 2x on a date with Ken, once to a house concert here in the Junction featuring Bill Bourne (great musician!), and another time out for supper with a gift certificate I won in a raffle
... enjoying the amazing weather with lots of bright blue skies, mild temperatures and beautiful sights

Super Highlight...

... day at Kathleen Lake planned and run by Parks Canada, Junction Arts and Music and Haines Junction Minor Hockey.  What a fantastic day!  We were outside from 10:30 to 4:30 and it was absolutely glorious.
The pictures tell the story better than I can...

The kids played Pond Hockey with an unbelievable backdrop.

No Zamboni but who cares in a setting like this! 

And then front row seats...

Ken and the boys (as well as others) jammed with some Whitehorse musicians that had been brought out to do a concert.  Will is playing the ukulele and I mean playing!  He's learned a number of chords already and plays Izzy's version of "Somewhere Over The Rainbow" really well.  In fact during the jam session he was yelling out the chords to the others so they could follow along.  Jay's playing uke too (also really well!) but was playing djembe that day and the musicians had a blast backing him up with his groovy beat!

Jay and his fiddle with his banjo playing bud, Remy...

But for me the best part of the day was when everyone got to go DOG SLEDDING!  A wonderful couple here in the Junction that has sledding dogs was out there to give people rides.  Sean and Heather are "oh-so-nice" and tirelessly took person after person out.

What a blast!  Each of the kids got to go as well as Ken.  I was happy as a clam to watch and to be very honest wasn't going to inflict myself on those dogs!  But Heather (an angel with a hearty laugh and a winsome manner) looked over at me and let me know that I WOULD be going and assured me the dogs would be FINE.  And so I went...

Can you see the stupid grin on my face?!?  And then my favorite photo...

Simply can't tell you how thrilling it was.  So serene, so quiet, so beautiful.  Magical.

And I'm so grateful.  So grateful for Heather who saw my insecurity without me saying a thing and reassured me and gave me the gift of a new and wonderful experience.  A precious gift she has and gave.


I continue to be astounded by the beauty of your creation around me.  In nature and in people.  You are brilliant!

'til next time, 


  1. Date night? What is that? hehehe

    I follow Heather's blog. Her girls are so darn cute!

    Looks like you had a fantastic break! I am jealous of all the musical people you are surrounded by. We can play the stereo and that is it!

  2. So happy you went dog sledding! One thing I have yet to do. By one's gift, we now live vicariously through each other. Keep grinning like a fool Auntie Di! I make sure to do it once a day! :D Big hugs

  3. Hearty laugh and winsome manner? Have you met your match? I'm writing this comment from downtown Vancouver - I can see the mountains too!! I think you should try calling me here! I'll send you the phone number later - maybe now we can actually catch up??

  4. Wow! What incredible adventures you are having. The scenery is just amazing...I'm speechless.

  5. Okay, you have now reached a new level of cool in your Yukon experiences! Dog-sledding... Wow. I love that pic you said was your favourite photo. And 2 dates with Ken in 2 weeks amidst all that fabulous stuff with your kids?! Way to go! Your a parenting/marriage course in action and I'm feeling challenged to learn a thing or two!

  6. Kara - the music here is wonderful! And those twins are adorable!
    Brock - I totally live vicariously through you! I love your sense of fun and adventure.
    Karla - we need to talk! I can't wait to hear about what's going on! I love Vancouver - are you going to get across to Victoria? Kisses to the girls, hugs to Mike.
    Krista - this a great place - VISIT US!
    Ken - This May will be 20 years for Ken and I. Can you believe it?!? We're far to immature to be able to say that. I don't know about the parenting course... so far I'm just keeping my head above water.

  7. I was in awe over the beautiful pictures especially the ones of the kids playing hockey and the backdrop of mountains. Peggy

  8. WOW! It really was a great day!! Your words are so kind :) I'd only run a team once all winter...I've been far too cabin bound since the arrival of the twins! Soooo...I was on cloud 9 all day giving sled rides! A HUGE Thanks to the folks that organized the Parks Family Day (& to those who watched over my girls so that I could play with the dogs! :) Glad you got some great pics (love the one from the sled!) & by the by...can't waite till you & I hit the trails again...this time for a longer run!