Friday, March 12, 2010

Newsy Bits and Pics

We're home in the Junction after being in Whitehorse with the fam for four nights.  So grateful for my family.  They are generous, warm and wonderful people.  On the way home we made a bit of a detour so that the kids and Ken could swim at Takhini Hot Springs (my psoriasis is going crazy so chlorine is not my friend).  I have great memories of swimming there in the winter and so it was fun to see the kids and Ken enjoying it so much.  It's always a blast to run into the snow and then jump into the hot water! 

The Hot Springs...

Just For Karla... Ken in all his glory! (Ken thinks he looks like the Red Baron swimming... or a hairy woman from 1923!)

And a good time was had by all...

We spent yesterday hanging around home, the kids learning to finger weave and then making bread with me.  As it is Lent we used some of the dough to make three braided crowns and added toothpicks for the thorns.  Jay (6 years old) asked, "What does this represent again, Mom?"  I reminded him that it was to help us remember the crown of thorns that they made Jesus wear before he was crucified.  Later Jay stuck his on his head and gained a new appreciation for how much that would've hurt!  As each kid does acts of kindness for the rest of Lent they pull out one of the "thorns" for each kind act (an idea I got from the 'net).  They were really excited about it and I so hope that it's another building block in connecting them with the story and person of Jesus...

Later on in the day the kids made some stuff out of salt dough and Will made the cross shown in the next pic.


All in all a day to enjoy my kids.  Maybe they're not so bad after all :)

Some more tidbits...  Brenna has made a great bag out of a mini skirt she found at the thrift store.  She's got all kinds of plans to start a business...

In her left hand is some of her finger weaving that she'll use as the handle for her next bag. 

And then I have to add a pic of her and her bud Travis.  Travie lives across the street and they are thick as thieves. I call them Thing 1 and Thing 2.

They are also Drama King and Queen and keep us quite entertained!

I'll post more pics later of some of the other things that kids have been making.  They've all had quite a burst of creativity since coming here.

Must close.  The sun is shining, the kids are all at friends' places so Ken and I are going to go for a bit of a ski. How cool is that!


Your creativity inspires us and flows through us.  If we let it.  Thanks for helping me dial down enough to let it.

'til next time,



  1. Mike and I want to go on the record as saying that we DO NOT like the way Will and Jay look so OLD!!! You weren't supposed to grow while you were gone, guys.

    And Thank you, Di, for the 1/2 naked pic of Ken. That's just what I needed tonight.

    I'm calling you this week - you better answer.