Thursday, December 3, 2009


Yesterday driving home from Whitehorse (after grocery and Christmas shopping) I had the most glorious time! It's hard to even put into words for fear of cheapening how wonderful it was.
So many of you have responded SO kindly to my "Plight of the Crappy Foot". Thank you all! It has been doing remarkably well. I'm sleeping great, walking around and I noticed this morning that the swelling has gone down quite a bit! Whatever that "CRACK!" was (see previous post) obviously helped in the long run. Really helped. It's what I needed to get me going in regards to looking at my health and dropping the weight I'm carrying around. I like to think of the "CRACK" moment now as a little "God ChiroCRACKtic". Whatever needed to be shifted in my foot so that I could sleep again got shifted, and whatever needed to be shifted in my soul so that I could find the strength to get healthy again got shifted.

That sets the stage for my time driving home from Whitehorse yesterday. I was listening enjoying the beautiful terrain, with the setting sun in the blue sky. Absolutely gorgeous. I'd gotten lots done in the "city", had a great visit with my Mom over coffee, was wonderfully surprised by the arrival of my nephew, Brock (he flew in from Salmon Arm to surprise the family), got help from my step Dad with all my groceries (it's a huge job!), hit the thrift store and got some fun craft supplies for CHEAP. And now I had a wonderful one and half hour drive all to myself, no kids bickering in the backseat, no dog whining at me to lower his window so he can stick his head out, and no Ken to snicker at me when I sing at the top of my lungs, off key no doubt, to whatever C.D. I want to listen to! Pure heaven!

And the C.D. of my choosing you ask? Steve Bell's Romantic and Mystics and sing I did! And then I wept. And sang. And blubbered some more. All because of this song, "Remember Me".

Remember Me - Music and Lyric by Steve Bell
adapted from Psalm 25

To You oh Lord do I lift up my soul
You are the only recourse that I know
When shame denies me a place in Your fold
In Your love remember me

Show me a road with respect to the truth
Hold not against me the sins of my youth
There’s no one to turn to if You don’t come through
In Your love remember me

In Your love remember me
In Your love remember me
All because of Your goodness Lord
In Your love remember me

Yahweh confides in the ones who have faith
And shares from the secrets of old so they say
Dare I presume He would treat me this way
In Your love remember me

Show me Your favour Yahweh
Let it never be said that I’ve trusted in vain
It is Your reputation that makes me outrageously brave
Hold out Your mercy to me
Go ahead and correct me for the sake of Your name
It’s not much of a thread but my hoping is keeping me sane

In Your love remember me
In Your love remember me
All because of Your goodness Lord
In Your love remember me

Oh, how that song met me and how He met me. Because ultimately that is my cry and the answer to my cry. He is "the only recourse that I know". And "there's no one to turn to if (He doesn't) come through". If He doesn't remember me I'm sunk. Finished. Shipwrecked. I need his mercy, his willingness to share "the secrets of old" with me. I need to be in a relationship with my God where I can be outrageously brave because of his reputation of goodness. I need his correction, I need the sanity that hoping in him provides.

And the weeping? Because He has. He has remembered me. And He still remembers me. He remembered me 24 years ago and saved my butt in that crazy accident and He remembers me now when my ankle (broken in that accident) is bothering me. He remembers me whether I live in Winnipeg or in Haines Junction. He remembers me when I feel so full of shame about gaining back 80 lbs that I hide from people, and He remembers me when I need the strength to lose it again. My trusting in Him has not been in vain because, although I wander and stumble and struggle - He remembers me. I could go on and on in the ways I have felt "remembered" by God. But posts need to end somewhere...

Needless to say I'm in a grateful place. Grateful to all of you for your prayers and kind thoughts, grateful to Steve for the worship time he led for me in our Taurus stationwagon, and grateful to God for meeting me, loving me and mostly for remembering me.


Words fail me. You amaze me.

'til next time,

An important aside...

It's been an absolute hoot and privilege for Ken and I to get know Steve and Nancy Bell over the last number of years. So when I listen to Steve's music now it impacts me differently than before. I know that these are real people, down to earth (oh so down to earth!) and sincere, and my heart opens up to the message in the songs that much more. I have loved Steve's music for many years and can't urge you enough to get your hands on some if you don't have some already! As well as being musically fantastic, it feeds you in the deep places of your soul. Check out the website at There's a great Christmas sale on right now. And if you ever can get to one of his concerts I swear I'll slap you upside the head if you miss it! He's a marvellous storyteller and you simply have to go. Tell him the Symanskis sent you!
Cheers, Dianna


  1. And I will remember you too... wherever you are. I have always held that song so close to my heart - my favorite line "it is your reputation that makes me outrageously brave"... today I'm hanging on by a thread - as the song also says - all I can say is I'm glad there is at least a thread. AND, we're still connected by that thread too. That's a good thing. Love you!