Friday, December 4, 2009

Not again!

Brace yourself, I know it's a shock, but yes, I'm blogging two days in a row. Crazy! But apparently there are people who do it all the time (fanatics!). I thought I'd try it for a change... Since I'm getting off my drug of choice (sugar) I have room for another addiction... oops! I mean hobby.

It's -27 here this morning and I returned about a half hour ago from driving the kids and Ken to school in my pajamas. It was still dark of course and is only now starting to brighten up. Sunrise or sunset here is so pretty as the mountains seem to make the most of whatever sunbeam they catch. I find it fascinating that I lived only an hour and a half away from here for 10 years or so during my teens and really had no idea about it other than the name! It's quite a vibrant little community. It is an undiscovered (by many) jewel of the Yukon.

One of the things that fell by the wayside while I was going through the "Plight of the Crappy Foot" is updating all of you about some of the neat things we've experienced here so ...

Halloween was a ton of fun here but I must confess I was really missing our Syndey Ave. home leading up to the date because of the fun it always is there. For the past five years we've served hot chocolate out front of our house and it's become a great tradition for our family as well as the neighbourhood. We'd become "The Hot Chocolate House" and people had begun to plan their trick or treating routes accordingly. They knew we'd have a fire going in the outdoor firepit to warm their outsides if it was particularly cold and some hot chocolate to warm their insides. And for those we knew and were our "special" friends, there was "special" hot chocolate that was particularly warming to the insides!

Here it's a different set up as everyone trick or treats til just before 8 pm and then everyone shuts up their houses and heads down to the BONFIRE. Capital letter BONFIRE because it's big enough to warm the whole town. It's made of thirty foot trees so it's big! And there's hot chocolate and hot dogs served by the Lion's Club and then the fireworks start! This year they had enough fireworks to last a full hour and they were stunning. Who would've thought?!? Smart people here to have fireworks at Halloween. When I lived in Whitehorse they insisted on doing the fireworks on Canada Day. That's fine in most places but here we have the midnight sun so fireworks really just look like puffs of smoke. Ohhh, ahhh. Look at that pretty puff!

A highlight for me was having my sister Laura and my nephew Tyler here for the night. I'm really enjoying Laura's company and getting to know my nephew. He's Will's age and is a big, sweet teddy bear. Laura and I never had the opportunity to live together as I had gone to college before she moved in with my mom and her dad (blended family), so it's been a real treat to get to know her better. She's a wonderful blend of tender and strong. I have a lot of respect for her.

Pictures of the kids in their costumes...

Brenna as a "Anne of Green Gables" kind of character.

Jay was a clone as were 4 other kids in his class (there's only 9 kids in the class!) He really looks happier than that usually!

And Will. Ever my Anakin Skywalker. My girlfriend Kate helped me make this costume three years ago and it is well loved. The last two years Will has come up with different costume ideas but when it comes down to it, he can't resist being Anakin again.

Okay that's enough. I'll tell you about the Community Potluck and Barn Dance we had last month another time. I just realized I've got to get my ass in gear and get ready to get over to the school. They're having a community potlatch in the gym at the lunch hour to say thanks to the elders for imparting aspects of the Southern Tutchone culture to the students in the school this fall. Each of the kids has to bring along a potlatch bag (bowl, plate, cutlery, cup) and a food item to share. I made a big pasta salad that I've got to run over there.
Thanks for knowing me and loving me anyway. You are my hero.
'til next time,


  1. Please let will know I am ever so jealous of the anakin costume. He must keep it well hidden next time I'm around or it may go missing... into my suitcase!

  2. I also don't read blogs regularly but I just read your last three tonight. Your foot episode sounded horrible. I hope you can use it for sometime yet. You have a captivating way of writing and I enjoy your blogs. God bless. Peg