Friday, March 2, 2012

Random Thankfulness

It's time.  Time to write.  To make good on a promise to a friend. She made me promise to write in here and that was MONTHS ago.  And so I must write because she is NOT someone you want to break a promise to...

And now is a good time.  I'm thoughtful today.  Not that that is rare. But it is rare to be in front of the computer and thoughtful at the same time.

When we came  to Haines Junction I often spoke about my life in Winnipeg as having been BIG, FAT and FULL. I wasn't leaving a life I didn't love.  On the contrary it was fabulous, with amazing people.  And now here we are over two years in H.J., and this is what I'm thoughtful about and thankful for ...
  • last year at this time I was 75 lbs heavier.  I was tired, sore and out of hope.  Today I have a cold so I'm miserable but I still walked to work because I wanted to and I have energy, no pain and hope.  I'm beyond grateful.
  • my nephew Brody, who has been living with us since the fall, just came home from the school bison hunt.  It sounds like it was an amazing time to enjoy the land and the folks he went with.  I'm grateful for this 16 year old boy who after they shot the bison, hugged it to thank it for giving it's life for us.
  • my life is full of music.  My boys, Will and Jay, play the ukulele together in ways that amaze and delight me.  I sit in awe as they play.
  • I can play C, Am, F, and G7 on the uke now.  That means I can play, "Oh, please, stay by me, Dian(n)a"! I amaze no one, but I'm tickled pink by it.
  • we just sold our house in Winnipeg and I cried.  In school. In front of a student. Just a little.  But that was the house I raised my babies in.  Who wouldn't cry?!?
  • Brenna is squishy and huggy and warm and sweet.  Occasionally the other side of her being a teen raises it's ugly head but overall she's yummy.  She babysits now so she has a fan club of preschoolers who ADORE her.
  • Ken has hearing aids now.  With a mute button.  Ha! Just let him try to mute me!!!
  • I love being a substitute teacher.  I love the staff, I love the students, I love the work.  I feel like the luckiest person.
  • God continues to capture me.  He continues to be my soft place to land, my strong tower and my dearest friend. 
Random thoughts from a snot filled brain.  But you get the point I think.  I mock complain about my crazy life at times but really I have a BIG, FAT and FULL life.  Here and now in H.J.  I am overwhelmed and downright thankful.


As I wander through the wilds of life as a mom, wife, educator and woman, I'm so glad you are with me.  Really with me.  I love you.

'til next time,



  1. you go girl! LF will be so happy with you! xoxo love you tons.

  2. Lovely to read your new, Dianna - can't BELIEVE Brenna is a teenager!! - how the years roll by! Well done at losing all that weight and so glad you are happy and fulfilled