Thursday, September 17, 2009

Ta Da!

Ta Da!!! (Loud cheering and whistles are appropriate here!) I set up a computer all by myself! I know that for many of you Tech Gods out there that is laughable. However for me to do it is pretty darn amazing. AND I also figured out how to set up the printer, the speakers and drum roll please... I found the cord to our camera and downloaded the pictures from there to the computer and then choose some to show you here!!! So what if the laundry isn't done, the dishes are piling up and I have less hair on my head from pulling it out. I am a TECH GODDESS IN TRAINING! It's the price I'm willing to pay...

Now, enough of my bragging (although do you get how monumental this was?!?) and on with the update of the wild and crazy Symanskis. Another week in paradise. Except for the black flies that threaten to eat our dog Wags and carry him off. This week we are settled in that much more and I'm starting to see the end of the "set up" chores that come with moving. We have a phone, internet, insurance for our car, regular deliveries set up for heating fuel (oil heat here), I've made my first delivery to the dump (no garbage truck!), collected cash for our refundables (all pop and juice containers), gone to the library/liquor store/drivers licencing and got out books, wine and a drivers licence. And every morning I still look out to see if the view is still breathtaking and IT IS!

These were taken from our little front deck

Can you speak? I live in a frikkin' postcard!

Monday after school Will wanted a friend over after school but instead Dave (the dad) offered to take the kids fishing! What! On a school night? YES! I tagged along on the grounds that he might need a little help with all the kids - his two, my three - but I was the biggest kid out there. It was an absolutely gorgeous day. We were at a little lake about 2 kms out of town called Pine Lake. It's right at the base of Paint Mountain - so pretty.

Dave was pretty sure we would be doing more casting practice than catching when lo and behold his son got one! And Will would want you to know that it was on HIS rod! It was a pike and just as we were pulling it out of the water the line broke.

Too much fun! I'll post more pictures once I get them emailed to me from our laptop. There's some from the Terry Fox Run they did last week. 5 K down the Haines Road! Kindergarten to Grade 12. Some of the secondary students do 10 K and even Remy, Jay's little friend from grade 1 did the 10 K with her mom! Yikes! I didn't go because I couldn't bear to listen to the whimpers, whines and wails of my soft little city kids. I warned Ken not to walk with them but he went with the boys and listened to all their woes the whole time. Brenna just went for it and had a great time. Today her class is out on a field trip picking wild berries and cranberries. The permission letter reassured us that the teacher would be taking bear spray with him. Hmmm...I don't know why but that totally amuses me! That and the fact that they had another announcement at school yesterday that there was a bear seen in the area. Hee, hee.
So that's it for this newsy little blog entry... I'll try to be more insightful and full of angst tomorrow (it makes a blog interesting doesn't it?!)
Messy beauty
Clean garbage
Tidy chaos
Disheveled joy
Cookie cut out living
creative abiding
beauty, joy, abiding
You are my peace. My rest is in you. I love you.
'til next time ,


  1. WOW - WEE!!! I'm SO jealous! Hi Diana, long time no see (it's me patty-jean, or you may have known me as tricia). I would LOVE to live up north - my dear husband had his northern adventures before we were married, living in arctic Quebec for several years and visiting places throughout the north...I'm hoping one of these days the fire will rekindle in him for another adventure "up t-here" (love that magazine 'up here')!
    Congratulations, on your dream arrival - may you find lots of God's rich blessings daily!

  2. Finally, finally some more Symanski news.... love the pics of the boys fishing. So good to see a smile on Will. We miss you all so much. Even Ken. I have no one to shush now.

    You are surrounded with beauty. You are finding your beauty again. And you will navigate your kids in the quest for their beauty. It's all quite..... beautiful.

    I must call you this weekend. There's a symanski-sized hole in our lives, but we know you're in the best place.

    Love you!


  3. Di,

    Your making miss home! Thank you for the BEAUTIFUL pictures of Pine Lake ~ yet another place I forgot how pretty & peaceful it is in our "Yukon Life Stories"!

    Glad to hear you and the family are getting settled..seriously could you have picked a more amazing & glorious town to live in?! I know already you will have a hard time parting....

    Keep the updates coming:)


  4. Dianna,

    It was great to catch up on how you are doing back home !!
    The man you spoke of that you replaced...Richard was our neighbour at Marsh Lake. Mom and Dad knew him and and his wife far better than I. I do remember him with his children when they were little. He and his wife were very kind people.

    The pictures are breathtaking...

    Love you, Dani

  5. It looks the same here in Winnipeg only without the mountains, lakes and solitude.